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There's a lot!

The GTG Mods Team is short for Gregory TheGamer Mods Team. We are a small team who create modifications for games. It all started out in late 2015. After update 0.4.3 of the game came out, we started making small mods for vehicles which are included in that game. Then on January the first 2016, we officially founded our community group. Now known to some people as the GTG Mods Team. And to you now, of course. 


Yep, we got those too! Check. Train Simulator? Check. Great Community in construction? Check. Plans for more mods? Triple Check.



Very important

We aim to set new standards in quality modding for BeamNG. Do we succeed? Probably not, but it's the thought that matters.

We want the best for our fans, so we do our best to provide quality support services and deliver things as promised.


We've given this some thought

The GTG Mods Team is completely funded by our Founder. In order to continue to grow and push our boundaries, we are planning to open a Patreon page. Allowing fan funding will enable us to provide more services to you as well as increased content quality.


Quality Assurance Division

For a bug-free experience

Having learned from the past, we have devised a more organized system. Led and managed by someone from the QA field, the Quality Assurance Division tests our content the same way a real QA team would. This way we can nearly assure you of a bug-free experience with our mods.

Made Possible By:

Our Patreon Supporters

Dooley Gaming

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