Gavril Barstow F2 | 1975 Special (0.9.4)

We wanted to do something different, a mod that will blow your mind with the stunning sounds of aggressive V8 engines, or want to be lazy and have a pretty good fuel economy. The new Gavril Barstow F2 from 1972 is for me the perfect vehicle for all of this.

Story by Gavril Motors:

We have produced this car as a follow up to the F1. Even though the Gavril Barstow F1 was an economical failure, we decided to spice it up with more options and variants. And we updated the safety standards to those of 1970's. We recommend this vehicle for you if you want a quiet & comfortable, but yet pretty fast, or if you want a loud, sporty, and very fast car. Other examples which made this car better than the F1 is the fact of having a mechanical injection fuel system. Which is new and exclusive for the time.



  • Working sounds for each engine, the 291, 353, 423 CUI V8 engines have a different sound than the 500 V8 engine. The I6 has a different sound than all others. The new 331 CUI V8 engine has its own sound. And the new 310 CUI V8 has its own sound. (for these sounds to work you need to download Telemax his sound mod, scroll down for link)

  • Fully compatible with the last update. (

  • Latest game standards, including thermals!

  • Different colored interiors.

  • Different gauges.

  • Cabriolet Body.

  • A manual.pdf. (Available for download separately)

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