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Ibishu Hopper | 4.0L V8 Engine


Have you ever wanted a V8 in your Hopper? Now you can have one. This 4.0L V8 engine comes with two different superchargers. And works flawlessly.

What it adds:

  • Fully modeled V8 engine. Does not clip!

  • Fully modeled and jBeamed exhaust system. Does not clip!

  • Fully modeled Roots Supercharger. Does not clip!

  • Fully modeled Centrifugal Supercharger. Does not clip!

  • Eight configurations with pictures.


  • Engine with own torque curve.

  • Three intakes.

  • Exhaust to fit the engine.


Stock Intake

Roots Supercharger

Centrifugal Supercharger

Exhaust built for the V8. Actually is jBeamed.

WARNING: This mod is copyrighted with the GTG Mods Standard Copyrights© Re-Uploading this anywhere is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken if ignored!


gabester - Original meshes and jBeams.

Gregory TheGamer -  GTG Mods Team: Adapting and scaling the engine mesh, adapting the exhaust mesh and jBeam, adapting intakes, adapting torque curve.

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