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All your trucking needs.

Need more parts for your T-Series? Then look no further!


Heavy Haulage Ready

We once sought the need to expand the Gavril T-Series. So we did. As a matter of fact, we have added many parts and never seen before features on the vehicle. From what started out as a simple engine mod by the individual Gregory TheGamer, has grown to be one of the most high-quality mods for the T-Series. All parts are handcrafted by the GTG Mods Team, which was founded by Gregory TheGamer. And tested by our trusty BETA-Testers via our BETA-Testing Program.

This mod pack carries a wide variety of parts with it, including the mighty T85 frame! This frame pairs together with the mighty Gavril VRX18 18.0L V8 Twin-Turbo Diesel Engine outputting a whopping 1050 bhp and 5130 Nm of torque.


Many Engines

Ever thought you needed more engines? Well, look no further! Gavril has a new flagship in town these days, the mighty Gavril VRX18 18.0L V8 Twin-Turbo Diesel.

This is just one of many engines the pack adds:​

- Gavril TCXE10 10.6LL I6 Diesel

-Gavril TSX12 12.6L I5 Diesel

-Gavril TSX15 15.2L I6 Diesel

-Gavril TUX16 16.2L I6 Diesel

Many Transmissions

It doesn't just stop at that, this mod also features many transmissions. Including:

-TorqueMax RTLO 18-Speed Manual

-TorqueMax RTLO 13-Speed Manual

-Gavril HDT12A 12-Speed Automatic-Manual

- Gavril HDT6M 6-Speed Manual


Modern Interior

The cherry on top is the brand-new handcrafted interior specifically designed for this vehicle. No longer are you stuck in 1977. Time to upgrade to the digital age with brand new parts.

Air-cleaners & More

This mod also includes the underpinnings of what will become a wide variety of bumpers, bull-bars, air cleaners, exhausts, and fuel-tanks.


Created by:

-Gregory - Lead Producer

-Robben - Sound Engineer

-BETA-Testing Program - Finding bugs

-Quality Assurance Division - Finding Bugs

-Ryo13silvia & JDMCARGUY - Mud Guard Models

Final Note:

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Happy Truckin'!

Option 1: BeamNG

Option 2: Google Drive

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