Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack


Tired of pulling too much weight? Or are you tired of manually shifting thru those 12 gears? Then this is the mod for you. Adding 4 more engine's and 2 transmissions, truckin' will now be easier than ever! Adding in a sizeable collection of engines designed and manufactured by Gavril Motors themselves and so engines are now ranging from a 7.3 Liter (445 CUI) I4 to a 17.5 Liter (1068 CUI) V8. The best part is that the new T85 frame is available to you now and allows you to haul some really serious freight! Allowing freight loads up to 198416.04 lbs!

The new T75 Short Frame is ideal for day-cab configurations while still allowing for a relatively heavy load!

The all-new T85 Frame allows for extreme loads! Combine this frame with the Gavril VRX V8 Diesel Engine equipped with the V1050 turbochargers, this beast allows loads up to 198416.04 lbs.


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The new V8 mesh is still a work in progress model. Expect changes to it every update!

The GTG Mods Team: For the mod idea. And bringing it to life!

gabester: For the original I6 mesh.

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Have fun truckin'!

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