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Hey there!

Well, better late then never it is today. I should've written this post on October 3rd already. I must've have forgotten. Oh well, we are all human and we all forget things.

We are proud to give you the all-new Gavril Barstow F2. It's a really cool car I think, check it out here! There are a bunch of cool engine options available to it due to the all-new Gavril F2-Type Chassis it uses. Ranging from an unreliable 232 CUI 6-Banger to a hell-raising 526 CUI V8 that's capable of an astonishing 526 bhp & 882 Nm of torque when equipped with twin four-barrel carbies! Oh, and did I mention the widebody that's available on the four biggest engined RoadSport variants? Yeah, the 444 CUI and 526 CUI RoadSport Packaged cars come with both a manual and automatic transmissions!

Oh, we've got an awesome trailer video for it as well!

But! This mod is pretty unpolished at the moment. There's a bunch of parts that still need their textures fixed among other things. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome! Despite the fact that it's lacking polishment, I recommend you check it out.

  • Gregory U.

Hey there everyone, Today I am pleased to announce that we have given our website a massive update! Gone are the days of the outdated look, today, the website has received a makeover and the addition of a few features. Not just features for you, but also for us as we can now simply log-on to our website and write our blog posts inside our website itself instead of logging in to WIX first.

The new website update also finally gets the age-old issue of not having the social-media links in proper order. The footer of our website now features four buttons for social media; Facebook, Youtube, Discord, and my Email address.

Our website has not been built for Mobile use yet, so it might not work properly on mobile devices. This is something we are looking into and it will be fixed with the next major update.

We hope that you enjoy the new refreshed look of the website. Feel free to contact us!


  • Gregory U.


We have just released a update on the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack. How great is that? There's a catch though, release didn't go as smoothly as we planned and we made a few mistakes. Okay, I guess sometimes things don't go to plan.

We have uploaded a fixed version onto the BeamNG Repository.

We have also uploaded the GTG Commons Mod onto the BeamNG Repository now.

On a additional note, we are updating our website. Because of that, the version on our own repo is the outdated version, Public 1.7.0.

We suggest downloading via the BeamNG Repository for now.


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