• Gregory U.

Mod Development Update: Engine Swap Gavril Barstow F2

Hey everyone,

I (Gregory U.) have made an engine swap for the Gavril Barstow F2. The 313 CUI V8 engine from the Burnside Special. The only difference is that the engine is not a 313 CUI, it is a 331 CUI V8 in the Barstow F2. Why? Just because we like that. Here is a picture to prove that we have actually made a swap.

Besides that, we have also reworked the configurations of the stock 232 CUI Inline-6 Barstow F2's. Here is a picture to show how it looks like now.

(The Chestnut colored pickup truck is not available for download.)

Thank you all for reading this blog post, and stay tuned for more Mod Development Updates from us.


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