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Mod Released: Gavril Motors - Showroom Plates Pack for BeamNG.drive

Hey guys!

Today we have released our latest mod for BeamNG.drive. The Gavril Motors Showroom Plates pack is finally here. Now this mod is aside, we can do some investigating on what vehicle we shoould base the Gavril Grand Coronet of. If you're wondering what the Gavril Grand Coronet is, the Gavril Grand Coronet is the Barstow's little brother. She definentely is a muscle car that will blow your mind. But she's not as bad and mean as the Barstow's. The Gavril Grand Coronet is part of tour upcoming mod named; Gavril Motors - 1970's Vehicle Pack.

Anyways, if you want to download the plates now, then don't worry. Here's a shortcut to the page.

We wish you a lot of roleplaying and photoshooting fun.


Gregory U. - Founder.

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