• Gregory U.

Mod Development Update: Improved Rear Suspension on the T85

Hello everyone!

This is our first post this year, yes I know and I am sorry for that. I have news, or rather a Mod Development Update.

What are we going to talk about on this blog post? Well we are going to talk about what we fixed on the frame and suspension, and future additions we are going to add!

Yes, finally. What's new this time on the T85 frame for the Gavril T-Series? Well, we finally fixed some issues regarding the drivetrain. More specifically, the section between the third and fourth axle. The inter-axle is now fixed and looks & acts more realistically now. The panhard and panhard attachment points on the fourth axle is now also changed accordingly, with its placement mirrored from before.

Now, what are our plans for the future? Well, we are thinking about adding are ride suspension on the first axle (Front axle) to increase driver comfort and make the vehicle lighter. If we do decide to add this, we will base it of the Hendrickson AIRTEK Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System for its simplicity in design. Let us know what you think!

Anyway folks, that was it for today!


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