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Mod Development Update: 36, 58, 72" Sleeper Cabs & More

Hey everybody,

Sorry for not posting yesterday, something came up. Despite that, we have made something for the Gavril T-Series. Again? You may ask, yes again. What have we made this time? Not that much hehe, it's just a day that has past but it is something.

So what's new? Well, the 36" sleeper cab is nothing new, but the 58" and 72" ones are. Today, a 36" sleeper is not going to compete with the market you know, so that's why the bigger ones are there. These cabs are of this point un-finished models but they are easy to make so that'll go quickly. In the meantime, here are some pictures showing the three cabs.

So, now that that has been said let's go to the other thing, shall we?

As some of you know, we placed a link on the BeamNG forums last night that goes to a poll about adding a T75 Short and Long frame. For those of you who want to vote, click here! Good news, as of now the third option is leading with 5 votes. Just a little more and we'll release both frames to you! Oh, I almost forgot, here are the pictures showcasing both the Short and Long frames.

Anyway, folks. That was it for today. Don't forget to check tomorrow at 12:00 PM UTC for the next blog post!

Cheers, Gregory U. - Founder

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