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GTG Mods Team Info Squad: Blog Post Scheduling

Hey everybody,

I am terribly sorry for not posting anything on the blog for two days. This was because I had to think about Blog Post Scheduling. Yep, that's right. Blog Post Scheduling.

So what is our schedule? I shall post the following blogs on the following days*:

Monday: Mod Development Update | 12:00 PM UTC

Wednesday: Random** | 12:00 PM UTC

Friday: GTG Mods Team Info Squad | 12:00 PM UTC

Saturday: Mod Development Update | 12:00 PM UTC

Sunday : Random**| 4:15 PM UTC

*Excludes Mod Release, Mod Update, and Website Update blog posts.

**Could be about anything, but mainly the regular stuff or computers. Also, these aren't 'required' posts.

Please do keep in mind that I may miss a post every once in a while, possible reasons for that could be that I may have forgot, lacked time, or due to being ill.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the 'Contact Us' page or our revamped Facebook page reopening to public on Aprill 22th 2018. We may be shutting down our YouTube channel for a week for possible redesign of the page.

Have a nice day,

Gregory U.

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