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Mod Development Update: More Modern Parts for T-Series pt.2

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for posting this slightly overdue, I'm a real busy person during the week. Anyway, we have some more progress to show you, especially regarding the modern cab.

So what did we do this time? Well we worked on the interior and we made a lot progress. The dashboard has its main shape modeled. The thing that makes this interior unique is the fact that it actually has a center console like those on cars, it goes straight between the seats. Not very usual for a truck interior, and for good reason. Most semi trucks have a opening in the back of the original day cab so the driver doesn't have to get out of the cab only to climb into the sleeper. Having a center console in between the seats makes this very hard to do. Gavril Motors has not done this to keep the T-Series legacy running. The interior as of this very moment is a long way from done, it still needs things like Airconditioning vents integrated into the dashboard, and several buttons for the lights and wipers, even a glove box.

Here's a photo showcasing the interior, do note that when the interior is done, it'll be black at first, with coloring options coming later.

Besides that, we also worked on a pair of mitred exhausts, offered by Gavril Motors of course. It's not just Mitred exhausts, also classic styled air cleaners! Wait did I just say air cleaners? Yes! Yes I did. Here is a photo showcasing both the exhaust stacks and air cleaners, do note that the textures of the air cleaners are not done yet!

Also, the expected release date of Public 1.7.0 could be Saturday, 5th of March!

So that was it for today! Again I apologize for posting an hour late today. Stay tuned for more Mod Development Updates in the future!


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