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GTG Mods Team Info Squad: Future plans

Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk about our plans for the future. What is a great team without great plans? We are planning to expand our influence into Transport Fever, and later Train Simulator 2018.

For Transport Fever, I already have made two mods which are nearing a testable stage. For Train Simulator 2018, I have two routes in the works. One of which was released a while back, but I'll re-release it onto this website.

The two mods for Transport Fever are two very simple script mods, one which adds imperial railroad tracks and one that reworks the American vehicles. More information on that is coming soon!

For Train Simulator, you may know the Weltham - Juda Route I released a while back on the Steam Workshop. Yes, my name on steam is different. I am primarily going to rework older routes in Train Simulator and update them to be more detailed, and the most important of all, to have a much more realistic ride along the rails. Which means smooth gradient transitions and easements.

Again, more information on this is coming soon!

Cheers, the GTG Mods Team

--EDIT-- I forgot to schedule the post which is why it is late!--

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