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GTG Mods Team Info Squad: What's next?

Hey everyone,

We're glad that Public 1.7.0 of our Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack was well received! It's clear many of you like the T85 Frame!

Today on this Info Squad, we are going to tell you what is likely to come next. The most probable mod that is next in line is the Gavril Barstow F2 mod. We have let you wait long enough and because of that, we will work on that mod. If everything goes according to plan, the mod should not take too long to make it viable for release. If it does not go according to plan, we'll temporarily halt it to get Public 1.7.1 of the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack ready for release.

Also, we are sorry that the update took a while to get to Download #1, it had to be approved first. And the past Monday we did not have any content to show so that is why there was no Blog Post then.

We wish you a lot of fun with the latest update and please don't hesitate to ask questions here!

Cheers, the GTG Mods Team

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