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GTG Mods Team Info Squad: Discord Server and more

Hi all,

First of all, happy new year!

We have gotten our hands on a rather cool program called Discord. We made a server on it and we want our fans to come and use it! The Discord server will be the main form of communication between team members as it is very easy to use. The possibility of screen share within the program allows the developers to properly help each other and share their skills to other team member.

For the fans we also have a surprise, with two channels to talk to other people. Each with a maximum capacity of 20 people. We'll add more if neccesary, and maybe even a main room with a maximum of 80 people. We have even included a NSFW channel, however this is largely experimental and will be removed if we get more than 10 complaints about it or if it goes the other way we expected it to.

We also have some bad news. My computer broke down once again so I am unable to do much over the month. I'll get it fixed as soon as possible!

When my computer is working again, the blog will also get an upgrade. Incorperating a picture in each and every GTG Mods Team Info Squad post! To brighten up the post.

The link to the Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/KvN4Bx3

Talk to you in the server!


the GTG Mods Team

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