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Mod Released: Gavril Barstow F2

Hey there!

Well, better late then never it is today. I should've written this post on October 3rd already. I must've have forgotten. Oh well, we are all human and we all forget things.

We are proud to give you the all-new Gavril Barstow F2. It's a really cool car I think, check it out here! There are a bunch of cool engine options available to it due to the all-new Gavril F2-Type Chassis it uses. Ranging from an unreliable 232 CUI 6-Banger to a hell-raising 526 CUI V8 that's capable of an astonishing 526 bhp & 882 Nm of torque when equipped with twin four-barrel carbies! Oh, and did I mention the widebody that's available on the four biggest engined RoadSport variants? Yeah, the 444 CUI and 526 CUI RoadSport Packaged cars come with both a manual and automatic transmissions!

Oh, we've got an awesome trailer video for it as well!

But! This mod is pretty unpolished at the moment. There's a bunch of parts that still need their textures fixed among other things. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome! Despite the fact that it's lacking polishment, I recommend you check it out.

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