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Mod Update: Gavril Barstow F2 Public 1.1.0b

Hey there everyone,

We are pleased to announce our new update for the Gavril Barstow F2. We have implemented a lot of fixes, as well as a big load of new parts.

Here is a video that sums up most of the update. For a changelog, see the rest of the post.



- Fixed Reverse Lights

- Fixed Windscreen Wipers

- Fixed Loose Trunk Lid

- Fixed Gear Selector Base Visible With Gear Stalk

- Fixed Radiator Support

- Fixed & Improved Inner-Fenders

- Fixed Clipping Issues With F2-Type Chassis

- Fixed Skin-UV's


- Reworked body models

- Improved taillight models

- New manual shifter LUA by NOCARGO

- Reduced weight

- Reworked configurations

- Improved radiators

- Improved engine bay details


- Race Parts Pt.1

- Added racing dash

- Added vintage racing seats

- Added Rollcage

- Added 423 V8 Number 27 Stock Car Racer

- Added 423 V8 Number 86 Stock Car Racer

- Added 526 V8 Number 86 Stock Car Prototype

- Added Headlight covers

- Added Taillight covers

- Added ten (10) skins

- Added Shrouded & Unshrouded radiator supports

- Added (functional & modeled) Oil Radiator

- Added colorable frame-mounted wheelie bar

- Added Shaker Hood

- Added Racing Shifter

- Added 180 MPH Style-70 Gauges

- Added 7,000 RPM Style-70 Gauges

- Added Drag Racing Scooped Hood

- Added rivetted ducktail spoiler

- Added Widebody Fenders (Steel & Aluminum)

- Added 2 Air Dam types


- Number 86 Stock Car's are dedicated to Gabriel Fink, aka Gabester.

For a more detailed changelog, see this page.

We hope you enjoy the update. Consider making an account on our website if you wish to get notified when a new blog post releases!


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