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Mod Update: Gavril Barstow F2 Public 1.1.2c

Hey there everyone,

We are pleased to announce our new update for the Gavril Barstow F2. We have implemented a few fixes, as well as a brand new feature!


Here is a video that sums up most of the update. For a changelog, see the rest of the post.



- Fixed Front Solid Axle Shaking

- Fixed Rear Bumper Attachment


- Reworked Rear Body Node & Beam Structure

- Improved Body-to-Frame Attachment


- Interior Customization Pt.1

- Added White Dash

- Added White 'n Black Dash

- Added Chestnut Dash

- Added Black 'n Red Dash

- Added White Seats

- Added White 'n Black Seats

- Added Chestnut Seats

- Added Black 'n Red Seats

- Added White Door Panels

- Added White 'n Black Door Panels

- Added Chestnut Door Panels

- Added Black 'n Red Door Panels

- Added HellTrack Components

- Added HellTrack Badges

- Added HellTrack Hood

- Added HellTrack Livery

For a more detailed changelog, see this page.


We hope you enjoy the update. Consider making an account on our website if you wish to get notified when a new blog post releases!



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