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Mod Update: Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.0.4c

Hey there everyone,

We are pleased to announce our new update for the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack! The update brings a lot of fixes and improvements and adds a few new parts.


No video right now, this post will be updated this weekend with the video.



- Fixed Air-Cleaner breakGroups

- Fixed door window textures

- Fixed Windscreen

- Fixed Mud Guard breakGroups

- Fixed Modern Headlight breakGroups

- Fixed T85-Frame Issues

- Fixed Missing Icons on Modern Door panels

- Fixed TSX15 15.2L I6 DieselTurbo Sounds

- Fixed TUX16 16.4L I6 Diesel Turbo Sounds

- Fixed VRX18 18.0L V8 DieselTurbo Sounds

- Fixed Modern Hood Aerodynamic Model

- Fixed Modern Headlight's Aerodynamic Model

- Fixed Interior Specular Maps


- Improved T85-Frame

- Signal Stalk is now Black


- Added Modern Headliner

- Added Modern Upper-Dash

- Added Modern Upper-Dash Sunvisors

- Added T85-Frame Steering Axle

- Added new 'Longhorn' Exhaust Stacks

- Added Modern Mirrors

- Added Modern Facelift Headlights

- Added D-Shape Fuel Tanks

- Added Fender Flares

- Added Hood Mirrors

- Added Antennas

- Added Twin-Horns

- Added Heavy-Haulage Livery


- Updated Color List

For a more detailed changelog, see this page.


We hope you enjoy the update. Consider making an account on our website if you wish to get notified when a new blog post releases!



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