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Mod Update: Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.0.5b

Updated: 3 days ago

Hey there everyone,

We are pleased to announce our new update for the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack! The update brings a lot of fixes and improvements and adds a few new parts.



- Fixed Front Hydraulic Steering Rack

- Fixed Front Rear Hydraulic Steering Rack

- Fixed Fuel Gauge Needle Model

- Fixed T85 Fifth-Wheel Configuration

- Fixed T85 Base Configuration


- Rebalanced Fuel Tanks

- Enhanced Phase-IV (aka Modern) Main Dash

- Enhanced Phase-IV (aka Modern) Facelift Headlights


- Added Windscreen Cracks Model

- Added Drop Visor

- Added Bow-Tie Visor

- Added Wicked Visor

- Added Type-02A Bull-Bar

- Added Bull-Bar Lights

- Added O-Shape Fuel Tanks With Steps

- Added D-Shape Fuel Tanks With Steps



- Added New T75 Classy (Long) Configuration

For a more detailed changelog, see this page.

We hope you enjoy the update. Consider making an account on our website if you wish to get notified when a new blog post releases!


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