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Mod Update: Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.1.0b

Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack

Public 2.1.0b


78" UniConnect Sleeper, Advanced Features, and more

Hey there everyone,

Today we bring you a brand new update on the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack!

This major update focuses on fulfilling some long-time wishes from the BeamNG trucking community. A new 78" Sleeper kitted out with an interior has arrived. It doesn't stop there, check out the changelog to find out more!

Note that not all liveries are converted yet. The recent departure of our Graphical designer who was in charge of liveries and logo design means that this work remains unfinished for now.

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- Fixed Normal mapping on all D-Shape Tanks

- Fixed Front Hydraulic Steering Axle Knuckle Instability

- Fixed Front Rear Steering Axle Dust Shield Spikes

- Fixed Front Rear Steering Axle BreakGroups


- Revisited Wheel Selection (GTG Commons Mod)

- Revisited Tire Selection (GTG Commons Mod)


- Added 78" UniConnect Stand-Up Sleeper

- Added 78" UniConnect Stand-Up Sleeper Phase-IV Interior

- Added 78" UniConnect Stand-Up Sleeper Aerokit

- Added UniConnect Hi-Rise Day Cab

- Added Side Mounted Flag Poles

- Added Never Forget Livery

- Added First Responders Flag

- Added Rear Sidesteps

- Added Knightonn D161 16.1L I6 Diesel Engine

- Added Knightonn M16ODCG 16-Speed Manual Transmission

- Added Jake Brake

- Added Retarder

- Added Shift-Logic (TM18 and Knightonn 16-Speed Only)


- Updated Color Selection


Future Plans

The next update will focus on adding yet another sleeper cab, some sleeper-mounted accessories, and improvements to the advanced features.

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Have fun with the update!

- the GTG Mods Team

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